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Modeling upstream fish migration in small-scale using the Eulerian-Lagrangian-agent method (ELAM)34463
On Simulation-based Ship Maneuvering Prediction in Deep and Shallow Water33342
Mehrdimensionale statistische Analyse räumlich und zeitlich hoch aufgelöster Oberflächen von Dünenfeldern32385
Semiprobabilistisches Nachweiskonzept zur Dauerhaftigkeitsbemessung und -bewertung von Stahlbetonbauteilen unter Chlorideinwirkung32052
Accuracy and efficiency in numerical river modelling31738
An isopycnal numerical model for the simulation of fluid mud dynamics31505
Cement grouting during installation of ground anchors in non-cohesive soils31466
Detecting flow events in turbulent flow of vertical-slot fish passes31343
Development of an Application-Oriented Approach for Two- Phase Modelling in Hydraulic Engineering27854
Implications of direct anthropogenic pressures on dissolved oxygen dynamics in a well-mixed estuary27236