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Modeling upstream fish migration in small-scale using the Eulerian-Lagrangian-agent method (ELAM)9840
Mehrdimensionale statistische Analyse räumlich und zeitlich hoch aufgelöster Oberflächen von Dünenfeldern9283
Semiprobabilistisches Nachweiskonzept zur Dauerhaftigkeitsbemessung und -bewertung von Stahlbetonbauteilen unter Chlorideinwirkung9214
On Simulation-based Ship Maneuvering Prediction in Deep and Shallow Water8968
Accuracy and efficiency in numerical river modelling8814
Cement grouting during installation of ground anchors in non-cohesive soils8720
Detecting flow events in turbulent flow of vertical-slot fish passes8717
An isopycnal numerical model for the simulation of fluid mud dynamics8707
Development of an Application-Oriented Approach for Two- Phase Modelling in Hydraulic Engineering4879
Implications of direct anthropogenic pressures on dissolved oxygen dynamics in a well-mixed estuary4649